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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Please turn up the volume on your computing device, and listen to the goddamn sound this Steven Adams alley-oop made.


Was that the sound of the rim getting rocked, or of the bones inside of Adams’s arm liquefying? If you were watching the game live, you certainly noticed that the big man spent the minutes following that dunk lugging around his dead right arm as if it had been shot by a gun. It looked like he had possibly broken his hand, or his wrist, or just severely fucked his shit up in a general way. It sure seemed like he should have been taken off the court!

He is apparently fine, though:

Either the Thunder are lying and Adams is going to play Game 2 with a fractured thumb, or he’s a meta-human who can dunk so hard that it renders his arm useless for 10 minutes, but avoids any lasting damage. Given everything we already know about Steven Adams, I’m willing to believe the meta-human thing.

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