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Stevie Franchise's Charming Nickname

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In response to our Steve Francis-Cuttino Mobley item from earlier today, a "lowly paid" source "familiar with the Rockets laundry room" sends us a depressing tip:

"When we used to go in the Rockets' locker room, a lot of Steve Francis stuff had the nickname "homo" written on it. Things like shoes, his locker, etc. I m guessing it was done as a joke, but we figured the team lovingly called Francis "homo."


We had to go back and check and, as it turns out, Danny Fortson has never played for the Rockets.

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(By the way, Free Darko says enough with the Mobley-Francis rumors already, noting, not without merit, "seriously, do you think they agree to do this story if their reunions involve rimjobs and buttplugs?" Oh, fine, point taken, you're almost certainly right ... but come on, guys, you're no fun!)

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