Ryan Mallett sounds like he’s just about the grumpiest Ryan in the world right now. He got pulled from the Texans’ 27-20 loss to Indianapolis and barfing zombie Matt Hasselbeck on Thursday, then visibly sulked up and down the sideline for the rest of the game as Brian Hoyer put in a much better performance.

He even left the field early as Houston was knocking in an extra point late in the first half, although he’s insisting that that was a clerical error on his behalf, rather than frustration dictating his actions. Either way, he was less than enthused about Hoyer eating his lunch.

After the game, he was pretty blunt, telling reporters, “What do you want me to do? Throw the ball better I guess.” Our guy was none too happy, and he may have lost the starting slot for next week’s game. TMZ Sports called up his father after the game and he supported his son, as you’d expect. He also mentioned that criticism of Mallett goes all the way to the top:

“You don’t know how bad it hurts the family. Ryan’s grandmas ... it effects them big time. They read it all. It hurts them. I’ve seen them in tears.”


So, Ryan’s grandmothers, if you’re reading this: that pick wasn’t his fault!

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