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We get as tired of Mike Tyson In Trouble news as anybody else does, not only because the stories are seemingly endless, but because we can't really hate Tyson anymore; he only has our pity.

Of course, so does the Brazilian reporter he allegedly punched in the head. Though even that's in doubt.

Reporter Carlos Mello said the ex-champ hit him in the head but police said he needed a medical test to prove it.

"We doubt he was hit because everyone knows Mike Tyson's punch and the reporter didn't seem to have a wound," Calassa said.

Personally, we think it has gotten to the point now that people just taunt Tyson to get him to hit them, and that's a real shame. We prefer to focus on this part of the story:

The previous night, the American boxer brought six women back to his hotel but staff would not allow them to go to his room, Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reported.

You know, we think the hotel staff should be a little more freaking considerate. Do you know how hard it is to gather up six women and get them to go anywhere? And then to be rebuffed by piddly hotel workers? Russell Crowe should throw a freaking phone at those people.


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