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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Straight From 1984, Here's The Disco Version Of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" That Never Quite Caught On

A reader named Brian, presumably going through his old VHS tapes, has been uploading a number of old Virginia news broadcasts. He sent along this one, a 1984 broadcast from Hampton Roads station WAVY-10, about the Tidewater Tides (then the Mets AAA affiliate) and a local band trying to update the stodgy old seventh-inning stretch.


As fans of cheesy local news, minor league baseball promotions, and 1980s fashions, there's a lot to like here. As fans of music...not so much. We don't know what's become of Tricks (it's not these guys), but Bruce Rader is still at WAVY—minus the mustache.

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