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Strap In For The Grimsley Express

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So we've been digging through this Jason Grimsley affidavit, and there's some pretty fun stuff. We understand the mindset behind what one commenter called "the missing white girl story of the week" aspect of this, but we kind of have a feeling this might stick. Some highlights:

• Grimsley says he has used the various steroids "throughout his career," which spans 15 years.
• Since drug testing began in baseball, Grimsley has only used HGH, which is not tested for by MLB.
• Grimsley was also an "habitual" amphetamine user and said, "they work." Until last year, clubhouses had coffee pots labeled "leaded" for those that had greenies, and "unleaded" for those that don't.
• He said he got his greenies from "Latin players."


Then it starts getting fun, because, as noted by Double Play Depth, Grimsley starts going crazy and naming a TON of names. In the current affidavit, they're blacked out ... but it's only a matter of time until they leak too. (We're actually surprised they bothered blacking them out this time.) Grimsley has since said he will no longer cooperate, but we'll see how long that lasts.

Whether you think this steroid business is overblown or if you a "what about the kids?" type of guy, this is certianly not going away. We imagine Barry Bonds being happy; he would never talk to someone like Jason Grimsley. Takes some heat off him.

By the way, big Deadspin prizes and man-hugs to anyone who can figure out how to read the names under the black marker there. Any forensic scientists out there?

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(UPDATE: Grimsley has asked for, and received, his release from the Diamondbacks.)

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