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Student Reporters: Did A College Coach Ever Treat You Like Shit? Let Us Know.


We told you the other day about Charlie Weis, who flipped his shit over the coverage of his mighty Kansas Jayhawks in KU's student newspaper. A flack followed up with some passive-aggressive crypto-bullying of a student reporter. By all indications, going back to his time at Notre Dame, this is how Weis runs his program. Because Weis is a dick.


But in the high-strung, high-ego world of major college athletics, Weis isn't the only one. Jim Boeheim has pulled this stuff. Mike Krzyzewski, too. And we know there are others out there, at schools big and small, who expect student reporters to behave less like objective observers than like cheerleaders. And when those student reporters don't toe the line, they pay a price, whether it's through restricted access, sneering replies to questions, or other acts of intimidation. And we want to hear about 'em! If you're a student reporter—or you used to be—tell us your story in the discussion below. Let us know who's an asshole and why.

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