Stuff Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Says Just Keeps Backfiring

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Yesterday, we learned that lawyerin' boob Joe Amendola had bragged to Sara Ganim of the Patriot-News of Harrisburg that four of the eight victims cited in the grand jury report recently had "friendly encounters" (Ganim's phrase) with Amendola's client, Jerry Sandusky. Amendola even went so far as to say Sandusky and his wife had dined with Victims 2 and 6 as recently as last summer. That earned a rebuke not only from the lawyer Amendola identified as Victim 2's representation, but from a victims' rights attorney who happens to be working with that same lawyer Amendola mentioned. Oops.


And now, Victim 6's lawyer has also addressed Amendola's remarks. And guess what? The dinner Amendola mentioned was a set-up; the cops were aware of it all along. From the Patriot-News:

The dinner, according to [Howard A. Janet, Victim 6's lawyer], was set up by Sandusky after he found out he was being investigated, and was "pitched to prospective attendees as an opportunity to catch up with former Second Mile participants."

Victim Six quickly told police, and officers "gave their seal of approval for him to attend," asking him to wear an electronic listening device. He opted not to wear one, because he was nervous, but reported back details to police, Janet said.


Victim 6's lawyer goes on to question Sandusky's motive for attempting to meet with victims while the case against him was still open. Every time Amendola does something, you just wait for the anvil to fall on his head.

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