Due to it's huge backlog of horse assault cases, the English town of Bolton is only now getting around to passing sentence on Stoke City fan Shaun Allen, who was arrested for punching a police horse after a soccer game in August. Allen was drinking with 15 fellow Stoke fans outside Reebok Stadium after the game with the Bolton Wanderers on August 16, when the following ensued:.

A police officer took a can off Allen and asked the group to move on, but Allen became abusive. Mark France, prosecuting, told the court that Allen struck the horse and ran off, but was arrested by other horses police officers. On Friday he pleaded guilty to causing harassment, alarm and distress.

Sentence? Banned from attending soccer games for three years, fined £200, must pay £100 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge. I assume that goes to the horse. Of course his ultimate punishment will not be handed down until Dee Mirich convenes the Star Chamber. Ban For Football Fan Who Hit Horse [The Bolton News]