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Successful High School Football Coach Fired For Allegedly Possessing Creepy Videos Of Children

Illustration for article titled Successful High School Football Coach Fired For Allegedly Possessing Creepy Videos Of Children

Matt Lindsay had been the head football coach at Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne, Ind., for 33 years. His teams won nine state championships. But he was fired Sunday for what the school's principal would only say were "violations of school and diocesan policies, and his violations of his employment contract obligations." Which had to mean something very bad happened, and which led a number of town locals to speculate as to what it was.


Tuesday, a police report from last year surfaced. Lindsay was never arrested, but, um ... best to let the Indiana News Center explain:

In August of 2011, an officer was called to the Glenaqua pool on the report of a suspicious person.

Dispatchers received a call that Lindsay was allegedly taking pictures of girls or recording video of them on his cell phone at the pool — something that Lindsay denied.

The report says that when a girl's father followed Lindsay to his minivan, the father told the officer Lindsay's hands were shaking and that he was rapidly deleting pictures from his phone, then drove away.


The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, quoting from the police report, has additional details:

"(A pool official) stated approx. 10 parents have approached her in the past and made allegations against (Lindsay) that he put a camera in his bag and used it to take pictures of young boys and girls in the locker room," the report said.

Pool officials also told police others accused Lindsay of lying in a beach chair around the pool with a camera placed in a bag between his legs. Lindsay always came to the pool alone, pool officials said in the report.

By yesterday, the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese announced that "[a] large number of inappropriate video clips," as the Journal Gazette worded it, had been discovered on Lindsay's computer. The images did not contain nudity, but they did depict "students and others." The diocese has turned everything over to the police.

[Indiana News Center/Journal Gazette; h/t to Chad]

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