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Sugar Bowl: Talk Amongst Yourselves

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In case you've forgotten, the Nokia Sugar Bowl is this evening as Charlie Weis and his group of underachieving Irishmen take on those ESPN fictional national champions, the LSU Tigers. Notre Dame is getting 8.5 points tonight and I've got a funny feeling that's a number that you must pounce on. (For those of you who enjoy a wager, that is.)

Thanks so much for all your help these last couple days of posting — you've all adequately immersed yourselves in my low-brow Jacuzzi, and it is much appreciated . Tomorrow, Mr. Leitch returns with the family-friendly posting style we all know and love.


However, I'll be doing the first few posts in the monring as Will decompresses from his housekeeper humping vacation and reintroduces his sunburned hands to the keyboard. So, continue to send tips to for the first portion of the day, and we'll keep the trains running until Will remembers how to type again.

Bag it. Tag it. Sell it to the butcher in the store room, etc.

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