Sunday Night Football: Seahawks @ Broncos

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Tonight, Jay Cutler becomes the next Broncos quarterback that no one in Denver will like because his name isn't "John Elway." Well, that might not be true. They could end up liking him. Denver had Super Bowl hopes as recent as a few weeks ago, so all Cutler has to do is rescue the floundering team, put the franchise on his back, end their two-game losing streak, overcome a 2-game division deficit with the Chargers and/or hold of the Chiefs for a playoff spot. Then they'll accept him. Sounds easy enough. No pressure at all.


The Seahawks, meanwhile, look to build on their performance Monday night against Green Bay in which Shaun Alexander once again wore his big boy pants. The Seahawks looked awfully scary in the second half against the Packers, but again, it was the Packers, so who knows? It is still perfectly reasonable to think that the Seahawks could end up being the best team in the NFC.

So if you're going to enjoy the renewal of an old AFC West rivalry, you might as well do it here, among people who can't see that you're still wearing a Jake Plummer jersey.