Suns Forward P.J. Tucker Arrested, Charged With "Super Extreme DUI"

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Back in May, before he signed his three-year $16.5 million deal with the Suns, P.J. Tucker was pulled over in Scottsdale, Arizona after allegedly blowing through a stop sign. Cops reported he made a wide left turn and was driving between two lanes before they finally pulled him over. According to the report he then blew a .201 BAC on an initial breathalyzer test and later registered a .222. "Super Extreme DUI" in Arizona is both ridiculous sounding and anything over .20.

Further details include:

Tucker had "thick and slurred" speech and "watery and bloodshot" eyes, according to the report, and the officer detected a "powerful" alcohol odor as he interviewed Tucker. Tucker told the officer that he was coming from the W Scottsdale Hotel, where he had one beer. During a walk-and-turn test, Tucker stumbled to the side and caught himself on a construction fence, the report stated.


Tucker was charged with blowing the stop sign and four counts of DUI, including: regular (.08 BAC), extreme (.15 BAC), and the aforementioned super extreme. The super extreme charge carries a 45-day minimum jail sentence, but that can be mitigated. The Suns were aware of his arrest at the time they re-upped with their restricted free agent and declined comment.

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