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Illustration for article titled Super Bowl Fans Spent A Record $94.60 Per Person On Food and Drinks

The NFL prints money; we knew this. But some of the numbers are now out on what fans spent once they got to the Super Bowl, and it's big money.


According to SportsBusiness Journal's Don Muret, MetLife Stadium attendees spent an average of $94.60 per person on food and drinks, and $141.75 when merchandise is factored in. At a game with an announced attendance of 82,529, that amounts to more than $11.7 million spent beyond the turnstiles.

That's a Super Bowl record, and presumably an NFL record, and it took a number of factors to achieve. Foremost were the jacked-up prices of concessions, taking even more advantage than usual of a captive audience. And those fans were particularly beholden to stadium food. Airport-level security made it near impossible to sneak their own food past the gates, and multi-hour travel delays to and from the game excluded eating beforehand as an option.

That stuff adds up: Muret reports that 4,500 cheesesteaks were sold, at $16 a pop.


But it sounds like the median amount spent might be lower than the mean. Muret's numbers, which come from MetLife Stadium's concession vendor, includes the quantities of certain high-end meals that were undoubtedly served in corporate suites. Like:

  • 5,000 oysters
  • 2,500 prawns,
  • 1,000 pounds of lobster tail
  • $20,000 worth of caviar

If you were forced to shell out for $13 hot dogs and $6 waters for your family of four, I feel bad for you. If you were expensing lobster tail and caviar and champagne while sitting in a box, I hate and envy you. And I continue to wonder why any normal person would ever want to attend the Super Bowl in person.

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