Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: 2nd Quarter

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- 14-6 Bears as we start the 2nd quarter, and if you like turnovers, this is your game. The winner of this game will be the team that is better at handling slippery balls.


- Cedric Benson's return is questionable, just in case you were wondering about the Bears future ability to limit the effectiveness of their own running game.

- Joseph Addai plows ahead for the first down, getting the Colts down to the Bears 16-yard-line. On 3rd and 9, they go short over the middle to Joseph Addai, but the Bears made the play. I admire the Bears for having the balls to come after Peyton Manning, which isn't something that every team can say. Vinatieri's field goal is good, and it's 14-9.

- For some reason, Devin Hester isn't back to take the kickoff for the Bears... why the hell wouldn't he be? He's one of the best chances the Bears have to score... what did he do, bang Lovie Smith's wife between quarters? That makes no sense.

- Oh, there's the explanation... Hester was on the field, but he wasn't the deep man. They were expecting the squib. Nice job by Adam Vinatieri to recognize it and go deep.

- A couple of fairly deep completions strung together by Peyton Manning... first to Marvin Harrison across the middle and then to Dallas Clark on an improvised comeback. The rain has gotten so hard, by the way, that the CBS cameras are all fuzzy and foggy. Kind of a waste of those 47 HD cameras, isn't it, CBS? I'd settle for one with a dry lens.

- Dominic Rhodes is running hard... he churns out a first down on a second effort, and on the next play, busts it up the middle down near the goal line. They give it to him a third time, and he busts across the goal line. Indianapolis takes the lead, 16-14, on the back of Dominic Rhodes.


- So the Bears have had two big plays, really... the opening kickoff by Hester, and the Thomas Jones 52-yard run that was finished off for the other touchdown. As has been the story for them for quite a while now, they might have to figure out a way to win this one without the benefit of sustained, offensive drives. That really hasn't been a problem for them this year.

- Budweiser would like to thank "the millions of designated drivers." And I'd like to second that... thank God for those suckers heroes.


- Solomon Wilcots reports that Cedric Benson is done for the game. He's on the bench, all by himself, no one around him, getting pounded in the rain... Jesus, that's a depressing sight. I'd imagine that Will looks very similar right now.

- Another three-and-out for the Bears, and Brad Maynard's leg is going to get tired. Terrence Wilkins puts a nice return on it, and the Colts take over at their own 35 here.


- 2:00 warning, and the Colts and dinking and dunking and chewing their way down the field. The Bears are giving them the short stuff, they're taking it, and it's become the Joseph Addai show.

- One of the side judges has been working out with Ed Hochuli... I wonder if the NFL piss tests officials for steroids. Not accusing anyone of anything... just curious.


- Ouch... and that's a drive-killer by Bryan Fletcher. He takes the Manning pass, turns it upfield, and has it stripped. And on the next play, Rex Grossman and Olin Kreutz mess up the snap, and the Colts have it right back. This has turned into a celebration of the turnover. That's 6.

- Timeout Colts, :39 on the clock, 3rd and 2 for the Colts from the Bears 17-yard-line.


- Addai goes up the middle, but Urlacher is there to crunch and chew him down to the turf... and here comes Vinatieri to try to push it to a five-point lead.

- By the way, I kinda had a policy here that I wasn't going to comment on commercials... mainly because I needed there to be a few seconds when I wasn't typing, but... I am watching them, and I'd just like to say that I think it's great that all of our nation's racial problems have been solved because of the head coaches involved in this game.


- And Vinatieri misses... wow. If they need him to kick a late one, is he mindfucked now? Is that the first chew in his clutch armor? Intrigue.

- So that's the end of the first half... enjoy the Lingerie, Puppy, or whatever Bowl you choose to watch.