Super Bowl XLI Liveblog: 3rd Quarter

- We're underway... the Colts take the kickoff, and Terrence Wilkins dances and steps it out across the 35-yard-line. And yeah, it's been exciting and entertaining, but... I really wouldn't mind seeing a team keep the ball for more than a couple of minutes at a time in this half.


- One thing that's been a non-factor so far is the officiating, and I think we're all appreciative of that. Mike Holmgren will still probably call a press conference tomorrow and bitch.

- There's our second mention of Oprah this evening. She was in a commercial with Dave Letterman earlier, and now Nantzy mentions that Nathan Vasher wants to put it down on her.

- Joseph Addai continues to be the man, and the Colts are giving me what I asked for... a sustained possession. Addai grinds out another first down, and the Colts are at the Bears 28.

- Addai takes a screen and has another first down at the 14-yard-line. Brian Urlacher is really bitching at someone.

- Under 8:00 to play in the half. Third and 10, and Manning completes it to Dallas Clark, but not in a way that allowed Clark to keep moving. Manning wants to go for it, but I don't think that's going to be happening. And Tony Dungy's thrown his challenge flag... he wants a too many men on the field call.

- There were 11 people out there, though... this is strangely odd. How does this happen? Some son of a bitch who can't count just cost the Colts a timeout.


- The Colts kick, and Vinatieri makes this one... barely. He kinda wobbles it in, he did not hit it squarely. It would be unfortunate for the Colts if the kicker position cost them this game... that was the one spot they thought they had figured out.

- The Colts squib it again, and with 7:21 to play in the third quarter, the Bears finally have the ball. I'm expecting a turnover.


- The Bears call three pass plays... Grossman completes the first two, and on the third, Booger McFarland gets free and buries Grossman for a loss of 11. That puts them in a 3rd and 12... at which point Grossman and Kruetz will fuck up the exchange again, and the Bears went from 2nd 1 to 4th and 23. Efficient.

- The Colts take over from their own 35... it's a handoff to Dominic Rhodes, he slides past a couple of guys at the line of scrimmage, and that's a gain of 36. The Colts offense just seems to have the answers right now. They'll take what the defense gives, and they'll abuse it until the defense decides to give up something else instead. They can't get 7s, though... settling for 3s.


- Dominic Rhodes comes up a couple of yards short... 4th and goal from the 2 is what's left. Here comes Vinatieri again, and given the conditions, and Vinatieri's performance so far, this is not automatic.

- In fact, it was very nearly blocked... it went through, and then a Bears special teamer knocked Vinatieri down. If it's a personal foul, the Colts have another shot at the endzone. They call it "running into," though, and the field goal stands. 22-14, Colts, 3:16 to play in the quarter. That looked more like roughing to me.


- Break for the Bears here... Vinatieri's squib kick is a poor one, the Bears had it at about their own 45 yard-line... and then a personal foul pushes the ball all the way to the Colts 40. Short field for Rex to work with here, which is nice, but probably not enough. If they don't let any of the Colts move until they count 5-Mississippi, then he might have a chance...

- 3rd and 7 for Rex... he's pressured, he's running for his life, and he throws it to Jason David, who is not wearing a Bears uniform. David drops it, and here comes Robbie Gould for a 44-yarder in difficult conditions. It's up, and Gould bananas it between the uprights. 22-17, 1:14 to play in the 3rd.


- Tony Dungy's challenging another play, this one I think he's going to win. It's not quite as complicated as counting. It looks like both his feet where down as he caught and possessed that ball. These 47 HD cameras are really paying off for CBS.

- The call is reversed, Marvin has his catch, and that leaves the Colts with a 3rd and 2. Manning to Wayne, and they convert it. That'll bring the 4th quarter to a close... Colts leading by 5, with the ball, and moving it.