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Thinking of using the bathroom during Super Bowl halftime? Well, OK ... if you must. But please heed these important guidelines as laid down by the Miami-Dade Sewer Department.

Nationwide, as fans rush to go before the Super Bowl's second-half kickoff, they'll flush enough water to fall over Niagara Falls for 39 minutes. That much bathroom action can cause clogs, worsen already leaky toilets and lower water pressure. So Miami-Dade issued a news release Tuesday urging residents to ready their commodes by checking for leaks.



• To be on the safe side, people could stagger their flushing.
• Use single-ply toilet paper.
• Keep a trash bin in the bathroom and tell guests not to flush paper towels or napkins.
• Remove small items near the bowl that could fall in and cause a clog.
• Avoid prop bets which include swirlies for the loser.

One of those rules may be ours.

By the way, these stories are inevitably bunk, as the geniuses at Snopes have pointed out. But it's still fun to talk about poo.


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