Supercut: Daredevil's Gumshoe-Journalist Subplot Is Butt

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Netflix’s Daredevil is mostly bad. Sure, there are some good fight scenes, but the corny story arcs and bad acting that burden the first season makes it a better fit on the CW or ABC Family. And nothing in the first season is more cringe-worthy than the storyline concerning a grizzled old newspaper reporter named Ben Urich.


It goes something like this (SPOILERS, obviously):

Ben Urich is a Good Newspaper Man. He’s been a Good Newspaper Man since before you were in diapers! His shoes are thoroughly gummed. He wants to write the Big Story, the one that will bring it all down. The drugs ... the Yakuza ... the Russians ... the kidnappings. But his editor won’t let him write the Big Story, because his editor lacks The Ethics. This is the fault of bloggers. Maybe the Good Newspaper Man is too old for this shit, anyway. No! His Poor Sick Wife reminds him that he is a Good Newspaper Man above all else! He must tell The Truth, but he can’t get his editor to run the Big Story. Where are The Ethics? Maybe the Good Newspaper man will just start his own blog ...

And then it all ends with some aggrieved screenwriter putting dime-store Jonathan Franzen dialogue into the mouth of show’s antagonist, who then strangles Ben Urich to death. It’s an incredibly silly storyline, and I loved it so much that I had to commission a supercut of Urich’s eye-rollingest moments from the show. Please enjoy!

RIP, Ben. May you find a nice cork board in heaven.

Video editing by Chris Person