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Sure, Fine, It's "Dunk On Bill Polian" Week

Photo credit: Steven Senne/AP

It’s February and there are no sports going on right now except for hockey and various Olympic events that Americans are eating shit in. If not for these circumstances, it’s likely nobody would care too much about what Bill Polian is saying on TV. But we don’t have anything better to do, so let’s roast this old-timer.

Yesterday Polian got crapped on by blogs far and wide—Pro Football Talk is really leading the charge here—for saying that former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, who is 6-foot-3, is too short to play QB in the NFL. Today, he was caught slipping once again:


There’s nothing too controversial about saying that Cleveland was stupid to draft Johnny Manziel, right? Well get a load of this!

You’re on notice, Bill. You’ve got until Thursday when everyone starts paying attention to basketball again to get your takes right.

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