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Maybe it's that ridiculous Steve Phillips mock press conference thing that "SportsCenter" is doing right now, but for whatever reason, there's all kinds of anti-ESPN invective out there today.

The Philly Inquirer gets it started by pointing out that this whole Terrell Owens mess was an ESPN production from the start, lamenting "take ESPN out of the equation, and this is a run-of-the-mill contract squabble between a star player and a football team." And Joe Sports Fan is terrified of the day we have ESPN TV dinners. We suspect they would take about 30 seconds to cook and would have the nutritional content of spam covered in bacon fat.

And, in the best hit we've seen all day, SportsBiz pleads with ESPN head honcho George Bodenheimer to stop ruining sports for him. And through all this, we still can't find anybody to say anything bad about executive vice president of content John Skipper. Honestly, this guy must wear pants made of diamonds or just own incriminating pictures of EVERYONE in Bristol.


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(By the way, just for fun, here's a mildly amusing mock SportsCenter "racist coach" broadcast.)