Surely This Video Of Steve Kerr Being Annoyed At Draymond Green's Loud Music Won't Be Turned Into A Thing

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The Warriors are going to have to play at least a sixth game against the Clippers, possibly because it’s hard for a team to maintain such a level of absolute dominance for this long without occasionally falling into complacency, but anyway, here’s a clip that is most likely nothing but could, given this team’s particular situation, very easily be seen as something.

As head coach Steve Kerr met with media during today’s practice, the music (it sounds like “Blue Laces 2” by Nipsey Hussle) was too loud for him to hear reporters’ questions. He asked “Raymond”—presumably Warriors flack Raymond Ridder—if he could get the volume turned down. Later on in the session, Kerr stood up and repeated his request. He was then told that Draymond Green “wants the music up.” A resigned Kerr sat down and kept taking questions. Anthony Slater of The Athletic shared the video:


After he was done, Kerr made an offhand comment about what happened:


The Warriors have very publicly bickered with each other before this season; this is nothing compared to Green calling Kevin Durant a bitch. The reason they’ve continued to succeed is because they’re able to deal with an issue before it mutates into something more toxic, and also convince everyone that it’s not worth jeopardizing the larger goal at hand. Whatever the reason for Green’s refusal—maybe he felt that the only way to properly listen to the late Nipsey Hussle was to play it loud, or maybe he’s just always been an irrepressible asshole—the team is talented enough to get past this passive-aggressive game of telephone and do what it’s supposed to do. If they lose Game 6 on Friday, however...