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The Warriors Had Another Weird One, And Now It's Time To Read Steve Kerr's Lips

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The Warriors added to a very odd and possibly concerning stretch of games last night with a 115-111 loss to the Phoenix Suns, who really stink. This loss followed a 122-105 demolition of the Nuggets on Friday night that was supposed to signal a return to form, as it was preceded by an embarrassing 33-point loss at home to the Celtics. What the hell is going on with these guys?

You can choose from the usual grab bag of concerns, which gets eagerly pulled out from under the bed anytime even a whiff of failure begins to rise off this team. Maybe the Warriors are just bored with all the winning and are coasting through games on a regular basis. Maybe they are all annoyed at the obviousness of Kevin Durant’s plan to leave the team in free agency this summer. Maybe, as Klay Thompson theorized during last night’s postgame press conference, the home crowd isn’t providing enough energy. Steve Kerr’s lips provide another possible explanation:


Right after the final buzzer of last night’s game, cameras caught Kerr talking to assistant coach Mike Brown, and it sure as hell looks like he is saying, “I’m so fucking tired of Draymond.

The vibe that has surrounded this Warriors team throughout the season—from Green’s public spat with Durant to Durant’s constant sulking to this latest complaint from Kerr—is that these guys are just straight up sick and tired of each other. Whether their collective aggravation will prevent them from winning yet another title remains to be seen (it probably won’t!), but we can rest assured that if Golden State does somehow suffer a dynasty-ending meltdown in the postseason, the resulting drama will keep us fed for at least an entire summer. That’s something to hope for, at least.

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