We haven't heard from our girl in a while, since she's been very reluctant to contact us, except through her attorney, of course. Some good news to report from her dizzy little world: whatever treacherous online ordeal she feels she's endured since our first story ran, she's now got the swift arm of justice on her side.

From a recent Facebook status update of Hannah Cornett. Use a generous [sic], obvs.:

Justice is served! Christopher Chaney has been served a grand jury indictment on several acts including; theiving and sharing personal information, photos, and untrue stories to online trashy blogs including deadspin.com the like of scarlet Johanson, myself, and others have been hacked and Mr. Chaney faces a minimum of 120 years in prison..so for all of u who read or saw personal information on me online, it is UNTRUE and it is now going to court as part of a successful lawsuit..bully's never prosper..so keep ur head up and fight for your rights..this doesn't end here, 2 other individuals are being prosecuted and they face the same..more to come.

Here's where I stare at the monitor for two minutes and intermittently blink.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Aloha.