You knew this couldn't possibly end well. Even though the cars in the stadium parking lot were already totaled, Big Blue Idiot fan "Justin" and his You Tube-loving cohorts might be in some trouble.

The impeccable Neil Best of Newsday ran a brief item about the incident in his Watchdog column and then was later contacted by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. Here's what they said:

1. The vehicles shown in the stadium parking lot were damaged and/or totaled earlier in the day by a fire caused when the Porsche parked over coals from a tailgater.

2. The owners were notified during the game and our towing company was authorized to tow the vehicles out after the end of their parking lot duties. That occurred approximately 9 p.m.

3. The video is under investigation as to when this later vandalism could have occurred. Our security and/or State Police are on duty until 8 p.m. on game days.

4. We will continue the investigation and do everything possible to identify the vandals.


I'm not sure how influential the "New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority" actually is and whether they can levy fines or pass their information along to the police, but it can't be that hard to figure out who these people are. It's a shame, too, considering that one entrepreneurial webmaster actually took them up on their idea to start a site called Giants Failure. I wonder if Justin will turn himself in or if he's planning an elaborate getaway? The NJSEA should probably set up some roadblocks up and down the Jersey Turnpike to make sure this bat-wielding, windshield-diving menace does not hop a plane to Europe.

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