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Screenshot: Kingston Times-News via Bryan Sayers

The video you’re about to watch is going to look chaotic as hell and sound like the end of days—almost immediately, your ears will be flooded with girls screaming at the top of their lungs while your eyes fixate on what appears to be a violent brawl. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll realize that all you are seeing is about a dozen hefty, sweaty Southern parents in cargo shorts rolling around uselessly on the grass.

The brawl broke out during a 12-and-under softball tournament at Brickyard Park in Kingsport, Tenn., this past Saturday, according to the Kingsport Times-News. The paper reports that it all started when parents from two teams from North Carolina, the East Wilkes Cardinals and the Blue Ridge Explosion, started bickering about umpire calls—completely normal behavior for deranged travel sports parents.


The program coordinator for the park, Tom McLemore, told the Times-News that the two teams were supposed to play each other; instead, a group of Blue Ridge parents walked over to the Cardinals’ side and started talking shit about some of the calls, prompting the East Wilkes parents to stand up for the honor of their children. Well, one such parent that rose to the occasion got their ass sloppily nudged down a gentle hill. Then all hell broke loose, and 12 out-of-shape dads rushed to the same spot and toppled one another.

None of the parents were hurt—minus one kick, nobody appeared to land any blows—and none of them were arrested, though police were called. The screaming kids had their teams disqualified from that tournament, and all future USA Softball tournaments, while also having the memory of their fathers sprawled out on the grass branded into their memories.

Anyway, we’ll leave you with this image.

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