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It's still disturbing to watch Ronny Keller go head-first into the boards, knowing he remains a paraplegic three weeks after the incident in a second-tier Swiss playoff game. But it's good and right that Stefan Schnyder, the player whose hit sent Keller flying, won't face a suspension, let alone criminal charges.


The league has cleared Schnyder of any blame for the injury, echoing the immediate reaction of viewers after the hit. Chasing Keller in pursuit of the puck, Schnyder was as surprised as anyone when Keller stopped short. A shove, Keller lost his balance, and the rest was horrible luck, unforeseeable and unintentional. Very much unlike the NHL's reactionary discipline, the Swiss league ruled on the play, not the result.

The announcement called the hit "expected contact," and if Schnyder didn't commit a hockey foul, he almost certainly won't face criminal charges—the local district attorney had opened an investigation after the incident. There's no need for further punishment. Presumably Schnyder's suffered enough.

[via Puck Daddy]

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