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T-Bones' Michael Vick Promotion Under Fire

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Well, it seems that not everyone's thrilled with the Kansas City T-Bones' big Michael Vick baseball promotion. The NAACP is one organization that's a little peeved. And so is Kristy Winfrey, who authors the Kansas City-based Animal Advocate blog. There is a warmth in my heart as big as a certain deceased race horse when I read this blog, because Kristy seems just as insane passionate as the Barbaro fan club. And I miss that.


For one thing, Kristy objects to the fact that the T-Bones will be wearing game jerseys that are modeled after prison attire. So she fires off a few impassioned posts on her blog, including the quote:

"I think it's making a joke of it all," Winfrey said. "I think once people get there, it's going to look ridiculous to them."


Yes, yes, Kristy. I have just visited your blog, and have seen the photos at the top. I can see that you're totally against things being ridiculous.

Somebody please raid Kristy's place and free those cats!

T-Bones media director Tommy Thrall says that the event is really about raising awareness for neglected pets. Several animal advocate groups will be on hand for the game, and there will even be a pet parade in the outfield.

"We're all big animal lovers here. A lot of us have dogs," Thrall said. "We thought, 'How can we make this a positive deal?' "

Well, maybe dress up the dogs in ballerina outfits?

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