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T-Pain (and Auto-Tune) Makes Dolphins Fight Song Slightly Less Terrible

Miami has long relied on terrible music to rally their football team, but this is the 21st Century, so they hired T-Pain to hip-hopify their fight song by 20% or so. The kids love this stuff.

The Dolphins already had a corny earworm of a fight song that they actually stole from the Houston Oilers. But the Oilers don't exist anymore, except during Hall of Fame Games, so it'sall good. Anyway, to get the kids' toes tapping, the team decided to update the music to the fight song. This would be a perfect job for team co-owners Jimmy Buffett, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan, if they weren't all so bad at making music. So they hired the guy who auto-tunes T-Pain's songs instead.


What you hear above is the result. It's not quite as good as "I'm On A Boat", but it's slightly better than "Rocky Top." Go Fish!

T-Pain is recording a new anthem for the Dolphins [Shutdown Corner]

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