Brazilan Keeper Who Ordered His Ex-Girlfriend Tortured And Murdered Will Return To Prison

Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno de Souza‚ÄĒwho signed for second tier club Boa Esporte last month‚ÄĒwill return to prison to serve his 22-year sentence for organizing the torture and murder of his ex-girlfriend, Globo reports. The Brazilian Superior Federal Tribunal (the Brazilian equivalent of the Supreme Court) voted 3-1 to‚Ķ

Brazilian Soccer Guy Who Had His Girlfriend Killed And Fed To Dogs: "What Happened Happened"

Goalkeeper Bruno de Souza was recently signed by Boa Esporte upon his release from prison after serving about seven years of a 22-year sentence for plotting to kill his ex-girlfriend. At Bruno’s behest, the woman was tortured, killed, and her body fed to Bruno’s dogs to hide the evidence. In Bruno’s first public…