Iowa Fan Arrested For Public Intoxication Thought She Was At Iowa State Game That Didn't Exist

Unranked Iowa’s upset win over #3 Michigan yesterday was worth celebrating. But some people took it a little too far, and University of Iowa police had to make game-day arrests for the first time since September. (The campus that gave us Vodka Samm has had plenty of game-day citations since September, just no arrests.)

There's A Lot Going On In This Photo Of A Passed-Out Oregon Ducks Fan Being Ogled By A Creepy Clown

Tipster Natalie sends along this incredible/weird image from the Oregon-Arkansas State game a couple of weekends ago in Eugene. It really requires no further explanation, but Natalie says the photo was taken by her son, whose friend is the creep in the crown mask. (Sorry, if you're in a clown mask for any reason, you…