One Of Overwatch League's Most Popular Players Hasn't Played At All This Season

Despite a lengthy history in Overwatch’s pre-Overwatch League pro scene and a Twitch following of more than 250,000 fans, San Francisco Shock player André “Iddqd” Dahlström has yet to play in a single official OWL match. He’s been on the bench for the entirety of the season, only briefly donning his team’s signature…

An Overwatch Pro Is Turning The Game's Zen Monk Into A Vicious Killer

Overwatch’s healer-monk Zenyatta floats cross-legged while delivering voice lines like “embrace tranquility” and “be one with the universe.” He was a frail, peace-loving healer, it seemed—until Sung-hyeon “JJonak” Bang’s January debut in the Overwatch League. Four days after the League launched, JJonak’s Zenyatta…


Overwatch Pro Called An Opponent A "Fucking Faggot"; ESPN Reporter Who Broke Story Immediately Caught With Racist And Sexist Tweets

According to an ESPN report, someone filed a support ticket with Blizzard after Overwatch League player Taimou called another player a “fucking faggot kid” on a Twitch stream on January 23. The Overwatch League has yet to comment publicly, while his team, the Dallas Fuel, sent this statement to Compete: