Les Miles's Brain Briefly And Spectacularly Shut Down During His Introductory Press Conference

Les Miles is the new football coach at Kansas, which is a fact that will make you say, “That’s weird!” every time you hear it. He was officially introduced at a press conference yesterday, and he made sure to let everyone know just what a boon to the community his football program is going to be.

Despite His Insistence, Kirk Minihane Does Not Seem Ready To Return To His Radio Show

WEEI host Kirk Minihane has been away from his morning radio show Kirk and Callahan since September because of mental health issues and a period of suicidal thoughts in August. He believes he’s ready to host the show again, and the way he’s proving it is by griping on Twitter about how the network won’t let him return.

Mike Francesa Rants About Reporter Who Made Fun Of His Expensive App

Mike Francesa’s return to WFAN has been underwhelming, although if you’ll recall what he was doing before he retired for four months, it’s actually in line with the personality of a 60-something radio guy who hates to take direction. The most interesting thing about him right now is a feud he’s started with New York…

Hypothetical Grievances Presented By An Australian Newspaper To Defend Its Big-Lipped Serena Williams Cartoon, Ranked

To riff on Serena Williams’s spat with umpire Carlos Ramos in the U.S. Open final, the Melbourne Herald Sun published an illustration of the tennis player, drawn by editorial cartoonist Mark Knight, which has since been met with international disgust. Today, like any normal newspaper, the Herald Sun opted to dig in…