Shaun White Earns Distinction For First Awful Celebrity Halloween Costume Of 2018

With an entire universe of Halloween costume options available to him—more established characters than you can count, tens of thousands of creepily sexed-up versions of those same characters, and infinite concoctions from his own imagination—Olympic snowboarder Shaun White landed on one that, detached even a little…

Rick Pitino Wants To Coach In The NBA, Just As I Would Like To Harness The Terrifying Power Of The Oort Cloud

It appears that former Louisville head coach Rick Pitino called up ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski and told him that he’d like to once again coach in the NBA. Instead of saying, “Good luck with that, Rick, but I need to get off the phone because I’m quite busy,” Woj produced this article detailing Pitino’s desires.

Fergie's Ex-Husband Calls Out That "Prick" Draymond Green For Laughing At Her Dreadful Rendition Of The National Anthem

Before the start of the 2018 NBA All-Star game, Fergie uncorked a staggeringly bizarre rendition of what was supposedly the national anthem on an unsuspecting public. Like everyone else who heard it, Draymond Green had himself a chuckle, perhaps because he’d just witnessed a lady singing the word “wave” such that it…

Did You Hear About This? The Giants Have Two Players Named Eli, And They Traded The Wrong Freakin' One!

Today, the New York Giants traded Eli ... cornerback Eli Apple, that is. Ah, did you think it’d be their once-great, now-disintegrating quarterback Eli Manning? Don’t you look like an ass, now! It was in fact their underwhelming defensive player, who’s going to the Saints for some late picks.

Report: Mike Pence's Gutless Political Stunt At A Colts Game Last Year Was Expensive

Around this time last year, Mike Pence pulled one of the corniest political stunts imaginable when he walked out of a 49ers-Colts game early because he wanted to take a stand against the players kneeling to protest police violence and racial injustice who were supposedly “disrespecting” the troops, flag and anthem.

The Saga Of Urban Meyer's Car Was The Dumbest Part Of A Ridiculous Day At Ohio State

A whole lot of nothing happened in Columbus for most of Wednesday as Ohio State’s Board of Trustees met to deliberate on the findings from the investigation into Urban Meyer’s handling of domestic violence allegations against his former assistant coach, Zach Smith. The meeting, which began at 9 a.m., continued…