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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In the third quarter of last night’s 83-80 loss to the Bulls, Blake Griffin completely misjudged Taj Gibson’s pump fake and inner arm-chopped him across the face. It’s the type of foul that oftentimes causes a fight, or maybe just a “hold me back bro!” confrontation, but not this time. Griffin was immediately apologetic, and helped Gibson back up to his feet.

As the contact was clearly “unnecessary and excessive,” Griffin was assessed a flagrant two foul and tossed from the game. But after the win, Gibson seemed pretty nonplussed by the whole situation:

“Man, I’m old school. You’re going to get hit,” Gibson said. “As soon as it happened, he reached down to make sure I was OK. I’ve known Blake for a long time. Great guy. Even after he got ejected, he was making sure I was OK. It’s no big thing.”


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