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Take Me Up To The Mile-High City

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Now that was a solid sports weekend! Two playoff baseball games went to extra innings; Kentucky and Oregon State upset the top two teams in the nation; Midnight Madness kicked off; we've got the Pats and the 'Boys duking it out; there was probably a NASCAR crash in there somewhere ... action packed, folks. Action. Packed. And we're not even done yet!

The Rockies look to continue their remarkable run — 19 out of 20 (!) — and remain unbeaten in the postseason as they play host to the Diamondbacks in Game 3 of the National League Championship series tonight (8:30 pm EDT, TBS). Your starters are Livan Hernandez for the D-Backs and Josh Fogg for the Rox. This probaby goes without saying, but tonight is definitely a must-wi— Right. Without saying.

Since 1985 — when the LCS switched to a best-of-seven format — 17 teams have fallen behind 0-2. Only three of those teams came back to win the series: the Cardinals and Royals in '85 and the Red Sox in '04. And to twist the knife a little deeper: All three of those teams lost their first two games on the road. The D-Backs are screwed. I'd just give up if I were them; save that energy for the links, you know?


But hey, enjoy the game, guys and girls ... and thanks for the fun weekend. Go Rockies!

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