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Taking Down The Field Goal Posts: Woo Pig Sooey!

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Arkansas 27, (2) Auburn 10. It's rare that upsets of this magnitude are ass-beatings, but there was little doubt about this one. The Razorbacks racked up an astounding 279 yards rushing against that vaunted Auburn defense. And Auburn had two guys with more rushing yards than Auburn's Kenny Irons, with Darren McFadden going for 145 yards, and Felix Jones adding 104. Irons only got to 75.


(3) USC 26, Washington 20. It's two close calls in a row now for the Trojans, and the #2 team in the country hasn't blown anyone out since week one, when they played, ironically enough, Arkansas. It looks more and more unlikely every week that USC will survive that 3-week stretch where they play #11 Oregon, #16 Cal, and #12 Notre Dame. And Tyrone Willingham is quietly putting together a very good season in Washington, now sitting at 4-2 with the only losses coming against ranked teams.

(4) Florida 23, (9) LSU 10. That might've been the best 2-pass game that any quarterback has had in the history of football. Tim Tebow threw 2 passes, completed both of them for touchdowns, and added 9 carries for 35 yards rushing, and another TD. I think this young man is also likely to rack up huge statistics in the trim category this week in Gainesville.

(7) Texas 28, (14) Oklahoma 10. It's always been my contention that these issues are better settled on the football field, instead of by idiots slapping dumb labels on bad beers. How does a team outgain their opponent by over 100 yards, and lose by eighteen points, you might ask? Five turnovers. Yeah, that'll do it.

(13) Tennessee 51, (10) Georgia 33. Apparently, this was the day when formerly great SEC defenses got depantsed in front of the nation. Of course, the fact that Georgia turned the ball over four times also doesn't hurt. Erik Ainge had his way with the Bulldogs secondary, completing 25-of-38 for 268 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 interceptions.

(16) California 45, (11) Oregon 24. Finally, someone has the balls to step up and challenge Oregon for the title of most ridiculous uniforms in NCAA football. I don't know if they actually overtook them, but they did compete. And they won the game, too, which is a nice bonus.


(1) Ohio State 35, Bowling Green 7
(4) WVU 42, Mississippi State 14
(6) Michigan 31, Michigan State 13
(12) Notre Dame 31, Stanford 10
(15) Clemson 27, Wake Forest 17
(18) Georgia Tech 27, Maryland 23
(19) Iowa 47, Purdue 17
(20) Boise State 55, Louisiana Tech 14
(22) Nebraska 28, Iowa State 14
(23) Missouri 38, Texas Tech 21