What with the price of gas and all, there apparently isn't a lot to do over at the Basney Honda in South Bend, Ind. So co-workers told Jason Gordon that they would chip in and get him two tickets to the Notre Dame-Michigan game, and all Gordon had to do to earn them was get a full body wax. Irish fans being Irish fans, Gordon of course agreed to do it.

We go now to WNDU-TV for the full report — including video — which we found via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.

"I was crying and breathing in my happy place," said Jason during and after the wax. "I'm going to feel a lot better than I did today."

You know, we appreciate Gordon's devotion to his team ... but all told, we think his friends are kind of dicks for making him go through with it. It's one thing to say it, but another entirely to go all the way through with it. We assume they already had the tickets; if he had quit halfway through, would they have sold them?

Yeah, now that we think about it: We probably would have done the same thing.

ND Fan Undergoes Full Body Wax For ND/Michigan Tickets — Video (Yes, Video) [Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer]


(NOTE: This is now actually part of the admissions process at Notre Dame.)