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So what are the odds that the only person wearing a Rays jersey in the Monster seats at Fenway would end up catching Evan Longoria's home run ball in the third inning on Monday? Here's Michael Aguis, shown here trying to, I don't know, punch the ball? Anyway he ended up with it after his even goofier friend had it bounce out of his leaden grasp. The final coincidence? Aguis was wearing a Longoria jersey. What they're saying on the intertubes about Tampa Bay's 9-1 win over Boston in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.Incorrect. The best part of the night was the Sox fan flipping off the TBS camera (something I've been planning for some time). Kudos to that fan. We have to let this network know how we feel. I feel like even if they were on our side, I'd still be pissed—something this blatant just isn't fair and isn't right. [A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory] • Recap: Jon Lester Is The Best Pitcher In Baseball. Math: B.J. Upton + Evan Longoria = Rest of AL East Crying. Pena + Rocco = Smiles. Crawford = Varitek Headache. Navi = Base Hit Automation Robotical Apparatus 8000. [DRays Bay] • Rays Win Game 3, Up 2-1 @ Fenway. All credit to the Rays. That being said, we sucked eggs today. Lester wasn't Lester and I'm actually going to give him a pass on this, personally. No, NG, he wasn't sucking momentum. Do you guys remember the last time Lester threw more than 160+ innings in a season? That's right, it was never. If he's hitting a wall w/r/t command, I'm not sure it's something we can blame him for. He certainly didn't look like he was pitching hurt, unlike Becks. Just wasn't locating. [Over The Monster] • Some Sort Of Homecoming — Rays Run Over Sox 9-1. So hopefully last night was the part of the movie where Clubber Lang really lets Rocky have it, only to find that Rocky still has a little juice left in the tank in later rounds. Between the Pats Sunday night clobbering by the Chargers and last nights Game 3 loss to the Rays there hasn't been too much sporting joy in the greater New England area in the past few days. [Sawxblog] • Rays Rock Sox; Take 2-1 Lead In Series. I don’t want to get into a whole big thing here, but Tommy and I were talking last night and he brought up a good point about Upton. Maybe I’m being a bit of a homer, but there hasn’t been as big of a media crush on Upton this postseason as there should be. The guy is playing with what basically amounts to one arm, and is crushing the ball. What if someone like Dustin Pedroia or Kevin Youkilis was hitting home runs with one arm at the pace that Upton is? There would be 50 stories a day written about how courageous they are, etc. As much as people hate to admit it race does still play an issue in our society. I know I’m going to get flack for this, but I guarentee you if Upton was white he would be getting far more attention for what he’s doing, and that’s a shame. [Outs Per Swing] • Guarantee. I know I say this all the time, but it’s so true that it’s absolutely infuriating. The minute Mike Timlin sets foot on the mound; no, not even. The minute Mike Timlin sets foot out of the bullpen, you can mark that down as a loss. I knew it was over the minute Tito picked up the phone. And that’s a shame, because everyone played eleven innings of textbook baseball. [Boston Soul]


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