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Tampa Bay Rays Still Have A Bit Of Youthful Arrogance

So much for the idea that these young Rays are made up of honest-to-goodness, hardworking, gritty players just happy to be included in the postseason festivities for the first time; they got some swagger in them. The above t-shirt isn't some fly-by-night homemade operation either, it's an MLB-sanctioned, "officially endorsed by the Rays" product. In other words, this is how the team wants to be represented. Only problem is, judging by last night's result, they might have played their hand as Evil Vanquishers a little too early. The above isn't just bulletin board material; it's what every Boston player should be wearing under their jerseys to remind them of how they've been disrespected. The Tampa Bay Rays have gotten cocky [Home Run Derby via Slanch Report]


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