So, with word coming out that beleaguered Chicago Bear Tank Johnson actually being under the legal limit in his DUI arrest a couple of weeks ago โ€” the one that ultimately forced his release from the Bears โ€” the guy should be out of the woods and all set and good again, right?

Hardly. One More Dying Quail points out that according to Arizona law, drivers can receive a lesser charge of DUI if they are "impaired to the slightest degree." It's called a Basic DUI, and police can charge you with it if you even look drunk, regardless of what your blood alcohol count turns out to be.


Just Tank Johnson's luck, you know? He ends up not drunk driving, and he's busted in a state in which you don't have to be drunk to be drunk driving. Pro athletes, man, they just can't catch a break.

All Right, Exactly How Guilty Is Tank? [One More Dying Quail]