Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• Really, Tank Johnson? Really? [Sports Oasis]
• Watch Justin Morneau bruise his lung. [Lion in Oil]
• Bill Simmons, as much as he loves the NBA Draft, has made some really bad calls. Which makes him like a lot of NBA GMs. [The Realests]
• The odd travails of that guy who tried to break the world treadmill running record. [Sports Oasis]
• Bronson Arroyo's guitar goes into Operation Shutdown. [STL Sports Mag]
• Former Seahawks punter Bootin' Rick Tuten likes him some stolen merchandize. [Enjoy the Enjoyment]
• Ozzie Guillen's kids are named Ozzie, Oney, and Ozney. And they are full of piss and vinegar. Or something like that. [Foul Balls]
• Jason Giambi finally gets the counsel he needs from Lattimer from The Program. [The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]
• Travis Hafner, what the hell is wrong with you? [The DiaTribe]
• The Round 1 results are in for the 2007 Criminal Invitation Classic. [Batting Cage Hero]
• Former Major Leaguer Melvin Hall Jr. is accused of some sexual assault. [Fox News]
• If you killed those trees, Nick Saban is going to find you. [Loser With Socks]

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