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So you want to join in the discussion on the Fox message boards, but you're not sure if you'll be able to call someone a "dipshit" if it's warranted? Sure, it's a dilemma we all face. But now the mighty Fox Network gives you two choices with their blogs, story comments and message boards: Spicy, and Mild.

Just click the appropriate button on the "censor setting" page here, and you can either carry on like Tommy Lasorda, or Ned Flanders. Because life is exactly like that, you know? It's like having a devil and an angel on each shoulder at all times. So I signed up and went in there, clicked on "censor," and went to the home run derby story comments, where I wrote "I like tits." Hey, who doesn't? The comment immediately showed up like this: "I like BLEEP." I wonder how many words are flagged. Who made up the list? Is asshat on there? Craptacular? Titmouse? Hmm.


From Fox: "Feeling brave, mature, and adult-ish? Or just want to get in touch with your inner sailor? You can choose to have FOX Sports do nothing, and leave all those R-rated words alone. If you do, you may see some coarse language from time to time in the community. Don't say we didn't warn you!"

Cursing, on the Internets? Certainly not! Goes Brezhnev on Us [SportsbyBrooks]

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