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Taylor University's "Silent Night" Continues To Be Fascinating

It's a creative tradition. For Taylor University's annual Silent Night, fans don't make a sound at a men's basketball game until the Trojans score their tenth point. You can hear shoes squeaking. After Taylor gets to 10, though? Taylor's fans act like their team just won an award for Best Basketball Team Ever.


The Silent Night tradition has apparently been around for over 20 years, and it's received a lot of attention in seasons past. The routine, always done the Friday before final exams, also includes singing "Silent Night" near the end of the game and a postgame campus-wide Christmas party, but this seems like the best part. It might be grating for the team's opponents, but that looks like so much fun. That little kid in a Carson Palmer jersey(?) at the 0:57 mark is just punching a balloon in the middle of the court for no reason! Basketball!

Whether or not it was the tenth-point celebrations, Taylor beat Indiana Dabney, 94-72.

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