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TCU, Lacking BCS Recognition, Tries A Little Branding

A TCU student is planning to sue everyone and everybody after being branded with his fraternity's letters. That student's name: Amon Carter IV. Hey, don't the Horned Frogs play in Amon G. Carter Stadium?

Carter went on a ski trip with his Kappa Sigma brothers over winter break, and were joined by the girls from Tri Delta. ("can't get laid? Try Delta!") The Milwaukee's Best and jungle juice flowed freely, and, like at any good social, the branding iron came out.

Chance Carter had drunkenly consented to letting his fraternity brothers finish branding his rear with the Kappa Sigma symbols, a mark he had started during spring break, unbeknownst to his family.

But his fraternity brothers took it upon themselves to continue the branding — this time large triangles to represent the Tri Delta Sorority — on his other buttock while he was passed out.

Johnson said the Tri Delta mark was mingled with numerous other brands, most of which are unrecognizable, since they overlap.


In an early favorite for quote of the year, Carter said "My whole other butt cheek was destroyed."

If the name sounds familiar, it's because Carter's great-grandfather was a Fort Worth businessman who created and published the Star-Telegram. He also gave millions of dollars to TCU, and as a thank you they named their football stadium after him. And destroyed his descendant's butt cheek.

Texas Fraternity Brother Branded, Family Furious Over Ritual [ABC News]


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