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Tebow Draft Rationalization Watch: The Patriots Are Capable Of Anything

As the NFL Draft approaches, many team fanbases will attempt complex logical gymnastics to talk themselves into using a first-round pick on Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Today: What does Bill Belichick know that we don't?

Future Tebow Employer: New England Patriots
Justifiers: Karen Guregian, Boston Herald; Pete King, DEADSPIN?; Jeremy Fowler, Orlando Sentinel; Dan Shanoff, Where Dan Shanoff Wants, Random Message Board Guy; and, as always, a couple of dudes on Bleacher Report.
Summary of the Defense: Despite recent evidence to the contrary, Bill Belichick is a crazy genius—and one who just heaped an unusual amount of praise (or words, by Bill Belichick standards) on Tim Tebow. The Patriots have four picks in the first two rounds of the upcoming draft and Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick are buddies, ergo, you should go ahead and order your #15 Patriots jersey.



The Patriots presumably want to draft Tebow as a strategic football asset — Bill Belichick wants nothing more than to test and expand the potential for the single-wing through Tebow, who — as Lane Kiffin put it this week — grades out like a love-child (my phrase) of Mike Vick and Mike Alstott.

People might scoff at the idea of Belichick removing the best QB in the league for ANY snaps — but Belichick is about opportunism and winning. If putting Tebow at the goal-line or on a 4th-and-short makes strategic sense, he will do it.

Note: Shanoff wrote that two months before the 4th-and-2. Spooky.

I know two coaches in the NFL who are intrigued with what a running QB like Tebow can do by being himself—Belichick and Harbaugh.



With a football mind like Belichick's, and a player with the athleticism and desire of Tebow, sure, it would seem to be a no-brainer. If anybody could make immediate use of Tebow, it's Belichick. Remember, the Pats coach quickly morphed college quarterback Julian Edelman into the second coming of Wes Welker. He's also employed linebackers as tight ends and defensive linemen as fullbacks. All with great success. [...]

Given the Pats' many pressing needs (including defensive end, outside linebacker, tight end and wide receiver) fans might not want to surrender a second-rounder on a "gamble" pick.

But if Belichick is doing the gambling, I'd say you go with Tebow.

With the upcoming draft in April [2009] not being one of the deepest classes in recent years. My theory is that Belichick will trade Matt Cassel for a 1st Round Pick in the 2010 draft. [Ed: He was traded for a second-rounder in '09.]


So he can have a chance at landing Tim Tebow. With Tebow, who Belichick could groom to be Brady's eventual replacement. But, Tebow could also play at the same time as Brady, and even at time they could takeout Brady and install their own verison of the Wildcat. Adding Tebow with give the Patriots the verastiltiy that they cherish. Tebow is just the type of player that Belichick wants. Smart. Hard-working. Knowledgeable. Flexability.

I know they drafted Kevin O'Connell early last season, but Tebow has the potential to change how the game is played. And lets not forget the the Belichick/Meyer connection. Brady has another solid 5-6 years in him and adding a Tebow could help lenghten his career as well.

Just a thought.

A close family friend to Tebow once told me Belichick, a good friend of Urban Meyer, was ready to grab Tebow had he declared for last year's draft. If Tebow's available, ‘the hood' will be ready to pounce.

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