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Teemu Selanne Gives One Final Salute To Ducks Fans And The NHL

Teemu Selanne's said goodbye a few times throughout his farewell season, but after the Kings knocked out the Ducks last night, Anaheim's playoff run—and Selanne's season—finally, sadly concluded. The 43-year-old struggled to keep his composure as he saluted the cheering Anaheim crowd for likely the last time.

The handshake line took forever, because Selanne wanted to give a proper goodbye to each player and coach. Or, maybe he just wanted to savor his last night on NHL ice.

There were rumors that Selanne could head to a Finland club for another season, but he didn't seem interested in that option after the game. The Finnish Flash instead looked at a lower level of hockey to possibly keep him occupied after his 21-season career.


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