Tennessee Football Players Commit Armed Robbery While Wearing Tennessee Clothing

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Three members of Lane Kiffin's much-hyped freshman class were arrested early this morning after robbing someone at a convenience store....in the middle of the Tennessee campus....while wearing Tennessee-branded football clothing. What's the opposite of a perfect crime?


Nu'Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson and Michael Edwards were the three Volunteer football players who got busted around 2:00 a.m. Two of them are accused of pulling a pellet gun on three guys sitting in a parked car outside a Pilot on Cumberland Avenue and Volunteer Boulevard, which is basically the heart of the UT campus. The gang was spotted a short time later in a car driven by one of their girlfriends—who then took a collar for drug possession when (in a shocking turn of events) marijuana was found in the car. Chivalry is not dead.

Nu'Keese, as you may recall, was the player involved in the "recruiting violation" kerfuffle between Tennessee and Florida, when Kiffin accused Urban Meyer of cheating in an effort to land Richardson, a claim that turned out to be not at all correct. He recently missed a practice before the Memphis game because of "personal issues," while Jackson was already suspended from that game for allegedly failing a drug test and was reportedly considering a transfer. This should speed up that process.

To be fair to the gentlemen accused—one of them was reportedly wearing a UT-branded Adidas shirt with the slogan "Impossible Is Nothing," but they did cover it up with an excellent disguise: A black hoodie. I don't know how anyone saw through that facade. And as a final capper on this stupid caper, the armed robbers collected exactly zero dollars from their victims, because they had nothing to steal. I'm guessing Urban Meyer isn't too upset about letting that one get away.

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