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Tennis Player Wanted Own Father Removed From Match For Being A Pain In The Ass

Bernard Tomic is 19 years old. He's currently the 36th-ranked men's tennis player in the world, and the top-ranked player in Australia. Until now, he was perhaps best known in this part of the world for a bizarre standoff he had with police in January.

In the video above, Tomic's father, John, can be seen shaking his head in frustration over his son's play during Saturday's match against David Ferrer. But pay attention at the 1:40 mark, when Tomic can be heard telling the chair umpire, "He's annoying—I know he's my father—but he's annoying me. ... I want him to leave, but how is it possible?"

It's not the first time John Tomic has been a wee bit overbearing with his son, either:

John Tomic has run afoul of tennis authorities before. In 2009, he ordered his son to leave the court during a match in Perth, leading to Bernard's suspension from ITF tournaments. He clashed with Tennis Australia one year later when he reportedly threatened to pull his son out of the country to play in Croatia.


Bernard Tomic wound up losing Saturday's match. Afterward, he tried to claim he had been complaining to the chair ump about restringing racquets or something. He had a better explanation for that January showdown with the cops, for which he had no explanation.

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