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Illustration for article titled Terrell Owens Claims He Is Not A Jerk To Sick Kids, Threatens Lawsuit

Things are getting serious in the Terrell Owens-indoor football team tiff. As we have covered, Owens was released because he failed to show up for some event for sick children—that was the spin, anyway.


TMZ is now reporting that Owens is demanding that the Allen (Texas) Wranglers apologize for spreading that lie. He claims that the team has privately admitted that a team publicist mixed up the dates and so he didn't so much skip it as not know when it was.


The gossip sleuths are also reporting that Owens is demanding the team cut him a check for over $160,000.

T.O. claims he is owed $160,000 (or 4 game checks) the team still has not paid him. T.O. also claims the team owes him 50% of merchandise, tickets and concessions from his time with the team.

We're told if the apology and the money don't come by Tuesday, T.O.'s next step will be to sue.

We're not entirely sold on the strategy of deflecting criticism for being mean to kids with "hey, give me my money or I'll sue!" but, to each his own.

T.O. to Wranglers I Want an Apology...and a LOT of Money!!! [TMZ]

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