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Terrell Suggs Should Really Handle All Media Relations for The Ravens

Terrell Suggs caused a firestorm when he bragged about the Ravens D putting Rashard Mendenhall on IR for the rest of the season and then confidently said that Hines Ward was next. Some argued that Suggs was just a little confused about what a bounty actually is; he didn't mean anything by it, he's just mouthing off like any hard-nosed linebacker should. Then there's former Ravens coach Brian Billick, who in Colonel Jessup-like fashion, shared the cold, hard realities of the NFL with Dan Patrick:

"Billick says there is a defensive mentality to go after players and knock them out of the game. Billick says every team does things like bounties in their locker room. They just should never talk about it publicly."


Buddy Ryan disagrees with that thinking. Suggs made those comments on the "2 Live Stews" radio program which is 790 AM in Atlanta. He was on a roll that day, apparently, because he also shared his thoughts about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco: Right now, I think [Flacco is] all right. But like I said, in the end, Troy[Smith] should be the starter [because he's] the better man for the job." That's Troy Smith. Remember him? Well one person who disagrees with Suggs' assessment is ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, who appeared on another 790 Am radio show today and said the reason Suggs supports Smith is because "that whole U of M Crew likes having Smith in the locker room." Plus, Ray Lewis is a fan of Smith's and whatever Ray says, Suggs falls in line. But Sal Pal has this news flash for Suggs and Co.: " Troy Smith is not an upgrade over Joe Flacco. Troy Smith sucks." Right now, Suggs just put a bounty on Sal Pal. ****** Tonight: Remember to watch Matt Sussman live blog another Phillies victory like a man possessed. Also, remember tonight is Gawktoberfest so I'll be watching the Phillies game dressed in lederhosen while sitting on Nick Denton's lap. Tomorrow: Announcements abound. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Beat SKEETS breakdown....Raaah!

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